WinInOne has invented the WinInOne permanent hole-in-one solution

Boost your golf course with an innovative, French and patented concept that’s sure to excite your golfers all year round!

WinInOne is an innovative, turnkey solution that allows all golfers achieving a hole in one – all year round and in any round – to be rewarded with a fantastic trip to Hawaii for two people and the chance to recover and share a video of the feat with all their friends on social networks!

WinInOne makes it ambitions clear and hopes to encourage golfers around the world to have fun and challenge themselves by trying the hole in one.

  • What could be more satisfying for a golfer than a HD video of a fantastic swing, or even the incredible feat of a hole in one?!
  • What could be more modern than allowing all kinds of players to share their videos on social networks by tagging the partner golf course?
  • What could be more exciting than making these golfers’ dreams come true with a trip to the other side of the world to practice their favourite sport and share the experience with others?

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From 1 May 2021, you will be able to buy the video of your best shot on a WinInOne hole. Whether you hit a hole in one or not, your HD video will be available for 4 days on the application for just €10.

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At the heart of the project


Motivated, invested and friendly, four partners and their team now work together to lead and its WinInOne brand towards guaranteed success!

It was not a golf course that awaited us in 2020, but a veritable obstacle course – full of traps and lockdowns. We took the opportunity to focus on Research & Development.

By the start of 2021, had set up a sales structure throughout France. The marketing and events strategy has been defined, the logistics are up and running, new patents are being studied, and a whole dynamic is shaping up for this new year.

It all started at the end of 2019 – like many great ideas, around a table with friends!

After a good game, we got to work on the 19th hole on the Golf de Palmola terrace, talking about our great shots (and some less great ones), and we ended up discussing the hole in one and all its constraints. The conversation went on, ideas fused, projects took shape, the concept developed, and finally, the name was born. The concept would be WinInOne.

In just a few weeks, our fantastic encounters inspired and matched perfectly, with our skills and experiences complementing one another.

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