Wininone - Equip your golf course

Our WinInOne concept was born from a passion for golf and a certain observation

In order to boost their Club, highlight their partners and reward their players, all Golf courses organise numerous competitions.

The inclusion of a ‘hole-in-one’ element within each of these competitions is almost essential.

The implementation of a ‘hole-in-one’ competition presents various logistical and legal constraints and requires finding a partner to donate prizes, an insurer for said prize, the presence of an organiser throughout the entire event period to verify any holes in one, and a bailiff to note and approve the feat.

No ‘hole-in-one’ competition offers any real and official verification.

With its WinInOne brand, offers a unique, innovative and patented concept with its permanent and autonomous verification system.

The system simplifies the hole-in-one competition for organisers.
WinInOne has removed all the logistical constraints surrounding hole-in-one competitions.
No more physical checks, no more insurance problems, and no more verifications.

WinInOne Simplifies It All!

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Equip your golf course

Just four weeks is enough!

Without changing the rules of sport
WinInOne boosts golf courses, unites them and challenges golfers.

An innovative turnkey solution to offer golfers a hole-in-one competition all year round.

WinInOne is a unique, innovative and patented concept that eliminates all logistical constraints surrounding the organisation of hole-in-one contests.

  • Permanent, secure and autonomous.
  • A dynamic and modern novelty that’s sure to appeal to golfers
  • No more looking for donations, we’ve got Hawaii!
  • No more physical checks and verifications, just play back the video!
  • No more insurance problems, it’s included!
  • Discreet system integrated into the environment
  • No maintenance required for golf courses


  • Members package
  • Green-fee package
  • Competition package. (optional)

Throughout the duration of the contract, supports the golf courses in order to boost and promote them.
For this, an annual WinInOne competition is organised on each golf course, coordinated by, with the involvement and promotion of golfing partners, ensuring an enjoyable competition focused on fun and discovery of the sport combined with a competitive element.

Our goal is to make golf accessible to everyone, guarantee a great time for all attendees, and – if possible – take them to Hawaii!

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The WinInOne System

The Concept for Golfers

WinInOne consists of a 3 m high, 15 cm wide post.

Two HD cameras have been attached to the end:

    1. The first is directed towards the tees and allows you to see the faces of all golfers, no matter the tee colour.
    2. The second records a wide area of the green and the ball’s trajectory.

These two cameras are synchronised and timed to continuously film the WinInOne hole.

The post is usually placed behind the green, in the centre line between the hole and tees.

A computer system and various devices are inserted within the post to allow multiple local and remote video backups. In accordance with GDPR, only the videos of winners or of those purchasing their videos will be extracted. Other videos are not viewed and are deleted every 72 hours. A 4G antenna located at the top of the mast allows for remote recording.

Three versions have been patented:

  • The wired solution (wired to an electric golf input)
  • The Solar solution (equipped with photovoltaic panels and batteries)
  • The mobile solution

The benefits of WinInOne also provides various tools for golf courses

  • A new challenge for golfers
  • Modernising the game
  • Competition approved by the French Golf Federation
  • An innovative way to boost your course
  • New competition formats (e.g., after work)
  • HD hole-in-one video
  • Buying and sharing videos on networks
  • Profitable turnkey concept for golf courses

… and many other new features for 2021!

Digital communications also provides various tools for golf courses

  • Competition-format catalogue
  • WinInOne Goodies (e-commerce site planned for Q2 2021)
  • Social media coordination, events adverts and news updates, etc.
  • Decorating the start of the WinInOne hole
  • Bogey and WinInOne hole flags
  • Commercial & event monitoring
  • New products, new services and new destinations every year

WinInOne will boost your communication

  1. Organisation of a WinInOne Trophy competition
  2. A Club House kakemono
  3. A 3×1 m ‘European Tour’ tee poster with an aluminium structure
  4. Hole equipment (golf balls, bogey, pole, flag)
  5. Flyers, POS marketing and registration forms
  6. A GDPR sheet & a Contacts sheet
  7. WinInOne goodies
  8. GDPR sticker
  9. A web page for each golf course


  1. A page for each golf course on the app
  2. Sharing and Communication of your Competition Calendar
  3. Social Media Coordination and Ads
  4. Newsletter
  5. Your branded emails for WinInOne communications to your members, partners and external golfers.
  6. TV Reports
  7. Press Adverts
  8. Partnerships on major events

Video library

French pro golfers love WinInOne

Les golfeurs amateurs ne sont pas les seuls à trouver le concept Wininone séduisant et innovant. Ce challenge de trou en un est également très apprécier des meilleurs golfeurs pro français. Lors d’une très belle compétition organisée sur les golfs de Seignosse, Moliets et Hossegor, ces pros nous ont fait l’honneur de partager leurs avis sur Wininone.

Succès unanime, véritable challenge innovant, moderne, tous s’accordent à dire que cette nouvelle dynamique est la bienvenue !

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