Wininone - Race To Ryder Cup

Nouvelle dotation 2023

Qualifiez-vous pour la Race to Ryder Cup !

Après HAWAII, Wininone vous emmène à Rome pour la Ryder Cup 2023 !

Dès le 1er novembre 2021 tous les gagnants de trou-en-un se qualifient pour la grande finale à Rome et 2 jours à la Ryder Cup en VIP !

  • HÉBERGEMENT 1/2 pension*

*Pour 1 personne

1m dollars a gagner
To win

Now, it’s your turn to play!

A subscription allows you to play on all golf courses in the WinInOne network. AT NO EXTRA COST.

Start your 18-hole round in the Race to Ryder Cup Competition

On the WinInOne hole, hit your ball [one shot only, on your first try]

If the ball doesn’t reach the hole in one stroke, start again the next day.
[maximum of one entry per day]

One of your best swings? Download the video through our app.

Did you make a hole in one? You win!

  • Be sure to quickly report the feat to the golf-course reception (videos are deleted every 72 hours)
  • The golf course will then contact, who will verify the stroke via its remotely accessible videos
  • Hole in one verified? has the video approved by a bailiff
  • And you earn your prize trip to Rome! One week half-board, for two people
  • In Rome, you’ll go up against all the other winners of 2020 and 2021
  • There, you’ll try and secure another hole in one to win one million dollars!

Read the rules and regulations

birdie for health

BIRDIES FOR HEALTH undertakes to donate €1 to the Foundation for each Birdie declared and verified with our WinInOne cameras! Pick up your clubs and play for a good cause!

Albatros sur l'AVC

French Golf Federation

A national competition, approved by the French Golf Federation, with exceptional prizes for individual golfers as well as for classic and after-work competitions!

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  • These cameras are registered with the prefecture.
  • No recordings are played.
  • Only the videos of winners who have declared themselves, or of people who have purchased their recording, are retrieved from the system.
  • Recordings are deleted every 72 hours.

Wininone golf courses

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